CULTED is a New Gen video network, based in London, presenting globally. Our first channel is CULTED NEWS, the first and only fashion and arts news video channel. Having launched in 2019, CULTED NEWS has amassed an accelerating audience of 120,000+ viewers.

Run by young people for young people, CULTED NEWS is ahead of the curve. We digest industry news, headlines and insights, and transform them into entertaining bite sized videos, all published at the speed of social media. We produce videos within hours, and publish three to four videos every day. *

Paired with a diverse community of presenters to amplify our voice – CULTED‘s mission is clear: to simplify fashion and art media, and educate our audience through updates that can be streamed on-the-go.

CULTED ENTERTAINMENT launching in 2021

*Due to COVID-19 we have temporarily slowed our video production and are delivering news and insights through short articles

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